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Extinguish tutorial hell with NexLiber's comprehensive community-created Workbooks.

"Our whole partnership was a godsend! Dreampiper will keep using NexLiber Workbooks for future code-focused DreamUP challenges, and contribute to the growth of NexLiber in every way we can."

~ Dreampiper DAO

For Coders, By Coders.

We know tutorial hell is hell. That's exactly why NexLiber was made by us (coders) for us (coders), including you.

NexLiber enables you to:


NexLiber Workbooks are unlike any other existing coding tutorials out there; our Workbooks thoroughly explain not just the "what", but also the "why" behind code.


Newbie or pro, you can hone your computational thinking, technical writing, and coding skills by writing Workbooks. As long as you can clearly articulate your thought process, you can be a NexLiber Creator!


With NexLiber, you can monetise your Workbooks, transforming the mundane task of writing documentations into a profitable one! You can also build your portfolio and impress potential recruiters through publishing Workbooks.

Stay Accountable

Investing your money into our Premium Workbooks will encourage you to remain committed to learning. Of course, you can still casually read our Free Workbooks!

Any. Field.

We don't discriminate. Any coder can write any Workbook about any Project in any field.

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Supportive Global Community

We have an awesome global Discord community who loves NexLiber.

"Looking through NexLiber, I was blown away! NexLiber seems like a win-win situation for Creators and Learners, especially those who have zero ideas on what projects to do (this was my pain point when I was attending a bootcamp). It's much easier to learn coding when you're building a project that you're interested in!"

~ Annabel Yvette Teo

"Hi Nyx, few students (or founders for that matter) are genuinely building to fulfill an education mission to prepare students for the future. Keep up the good work and I hope you will continue building in this spirit, all the best (:"

~ Kahhow Lee

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