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Getting Started

Hi there! Welcome to NexLiber!

We want you to know that you're playing an important role in extinguishing tutorial hell and levelling up the skills of the global coding community (including yourself). These docs will guide you through all you need to know as a NexLiber user.

Our Lingo

Workbook: A comprehensive community-created project documentation explaining the "why" behind code. Workbooks can be in any coding field from Artificial Intelligence to Web Development.

Library: Where published Workbooks are found.

Project: What a Workbook is the documentation of. All Projects whose Workbooks are in the Library are found in NexLiber-Projects.

Creator: A coder who writes Workbooks. They can be of any skill level as long as they can thoroughly explain the thought process behind their Projects' code.

Learner: A coder who reads Workbooks. They can be of any skill level as long as they are willing to learn and understand code.

Admin: A member of NexLiber's team who reviews Workbooks. They ensure that Workbooks published in the Library are clear, thorough, and accurate.

Joining Us

Becoming a Creator and Learner is easy: just create an account and go from there (these docs will help you out)! To become an Admin, indicate your interest via email. Also, everyone should join NexLiber's Discord server to connect with, learn from, and inspire your fellow coders!

The Flow

NexLiber has a pretty simple flow:

NexLiber Flow

A Creator would first draft a Workbook via the Creator Dashboard, submitting its Project to NexLiber-Projects. Once the draft is done, the Creator will submit it and an Admin will review the Workbook. The draft-review cycle repeats until the Workbook is suitable for publication. Once that Workbook status is achieved, the Admin will publish the Workbook such that it can be read by Learners in the Library. Learners can also view and study the Project in NexLiber-Projects.

Drafting a Workbook

To create a Workbook, you must first sign into your NexLiber account. Once you're signed in, go to your Creator Dashboard.

Linking Your Stripe Account

If you see a Link Stripe Account button in your Creator Dashboard, that means you have not created a connected Stripe account for NexLiber. You must do so to start creating Workbooks and potentially gain revenue from your Premium Workbooks. So, click Link Stripe Account and follow the Stripe onboarding process. Once you have successfully created and linked your Stripe account, a Create Workbook button will appear.

Workbook Details

Clicking Create Workbook fires up a popup for you to enter your Workbook details: title, description, field, type.

Title: Your Project's name (e.g. Dragon Ball Classifier, Personal Portfolio Website, roygbiv). Make sure you're happy with the title because you won't be able to edit it once your Workbook is successfully created.

Description: A one-sentence summary of your Project. Make it concise and snappy!

Field: Your Project's field (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Web Development). If none of the options shown are applicable, select Others and enter your custom field.

Type: Either Free or Premium. A Free Workbook is free to make and free to read; you spend nothing to create it and Learners pay you nothing to read it. A Premium Workbook costs S$5 (5 Singapore Dollars) to create and S$1 to read; you spend S$5 to create it and each Learner pays you a one-time fee of S$1 to read it. When creating a Premium Workbook, you will pay the S$5 upon clicking Create, and you will not receive a refund should you delete the Premium Workbook. The Workbook type cannot be changed once your Workbook is successfully created.

Promo Code: Joining NexLiber's Discord grants you a Promo Code for creating Premium Workbooks. Instead of paying S$5, you will pay only S$3 to create Premium Workbooks should you enter the correct Promo Code.

Workbook Content

Upon clicking Create (and completing the Stripe payment process should you create a Premium Workbook), you will be redirected to the Editor for the new Workbook. In the editor, you can edit the Workbook's description, field, and content. Your Workbook content should be written in Markdown.

You can toggle between previewing or editing your draft by clicking Preview (when you are currently editing) or Edit (when you are currently previewing). Once you have made changes, the Save button is activated. Click Save to save, not yet submit, your progress. The Submit button needs more work to be activated, so read on!

Project Submission

Before you can submit your Workbook draft, you must first add your Project to the NexLiber-Projects GitHub repo. Follow the instructions in the Creator Guide for more information.

Once that's done, click Done under the "Please add your Project to NexLiber-Projects" prompt in your Creator Dashboard. The Submit button in the Editor will now be activated.

Getting Your Workbook Reviewed

Clicking Submit submits your Workbook draft to an Admin. You will receive an email notification should your Workbook draft be successfully submitted.

The Admin will review the submitted draft and leave some feedback if necessary. You will receive an email notification once the feedback is submitted. Access the feedback(s) via your Creator Dashboard.

Should you be prompted to make changes, access the Workbook's Editor, edit your draft, and submit it again. This submission-feedback cycle continues until your Workbook is ready to be published.

Publishing a Workbook

Once your Workbook is ready to be published, the Admin will publish it for you. This happens when all feedback is deemed resolved by the Admin. You will receive an email notification should your Workbook be successfully published.

Reading a Workbook

You can read every published Workbook in the Library. Workbooks labelled Premium each requires you to pay S$1 to read. Workbooks labelled Purchased are either already-bought Premium Workbooks or your own Premium Workbooks. Unlabelled Workbooks are Free Workbooks.

Remember: the main aim of reading Workbooks is to thoroughly understand the thought process which goes behind the code so that you too can create your own original projects without much copy-pasting. Always keep that in mind. Escape tutorial hell!

Viewing a Project

Go to NexLiber-Projects and find the folder with the same title/name as the Workbook. The purpose of viewing a Project is to get a sense of how the code is structured and see the thought process materialised.

About Workbooks

Here are some good-to-know information regarding Workbooks.

Workbook Status

In Progress: Workbook draft has been created/edited but not submitted.

Under Review: Workbook draft has been successfully submitted and is being reviewed by an Admin.

Changes Required: Workbook draft must be resubmitted with the changes as requested in the feedback(s).

Published: Workbook has been successfully published and can be found in the Library.

Markdown Cheatsheet

Find it here.

Submitting Feedback

Should you find bugs, have improvement suggestions, or want to give us any other feedback, please don't hesitate to email us or message us via Discord.

Important Notes


All information and data collected by NexLiber (e.g. your name, email, etc.) will only be used on and for

Stripe Requirements

Due to Stripe's different policies in different countries, there are some countries which are not supported by Stripe for the Stripe features NexLiber needs. Furthermore, Stripe requires that users be at least 18 years old to create the type of Stripe account NexLiber needs.

In your My Account page, select My country is not in the list should your country not be seen in the dropdown for Country or if you are currently below 18. Don't worry, your experience with NexLiber will be the same as others whose countries are supported, only with a few differences:

  • You are not required to link your Stripe account; the Link Stripe Account button in your Creator Dashboard will not appear and instead, Create Workbook will immediately show.
  • You will not be able to create Premium Workbooks (but you can still create and read Free Workbooks, and purchase other's Premium Workbooks).

Updating Your Country

Should you move to a different country or should you now fulfil Stripe's age requirement, please contact NexLiber via email. We will handle the update and inform you of the simple steps you need to take to successfully update your account.

Deleting Your Account

Should you delete your NexLiber account, any payments made by Learners for your Premium Workbook(s) starting from the time your account is successfully deleted will be received by NexLiber. Also, your Workbook(s) will display Anonymous Creator instead of your full name.